Bedroom styling for a perfect night’s sleep

Bedroom styling for a perfect night’s sleep

The environment you create in the bedroom has a direct impact on the quality of sleep you get.

The cardinal rules of good sleep hygiene are to:

1. Reduce noise and light. 

The window treatments you choose should suit the aesthetic of the room but also serve the important function of light control.

Curtains bring an elegant dreamy aesthetic, particularly, when they are floor to ceiling and drape across an entire wall. If using a sheer fabric for your curtain you may need to combine this with a block-out roller blind, or a second block-out curtain. With the extensive range of fabrics to choose from there are limitless possibilities.

Plantation shutters give a tailored look to a room and offer total control on light and airflow. These can be painted or stained timber or more commonly a plastic material. They are easy to wipe clean and suit many different decorating styles.

Roller blinds are a streamlined, economical choice that suit a clean modern aesthetic. They can be mounted with a pelmet for added drama or they can be combined with a sheer curtain. Roller blinds can be single block-out or a double blind with an added transparent blind for light filtration.

Solid core doors are essential for noise control and privacy.

2. Control temperature and ventilation

Try not to over-heat during sleep. Open windows (with pest screens), ceiling fans or air-conditioning will all help you sleep cool.

Bedlinen should ideally be natural fibres. One hundred percent linen or cotton are ideal as they will breathe.

3. Avoid bedroom clutter

Bedrooms are private sanctuaries and should make you feel good as soon as you enter. Clutter doesn’t fit with serenity so avoid using this space as a dumping zone. Simple styling with a few cherished pieces. Personal photos which spark joyful memories, sweet smelling candles and a dish to place watches and jewellery are all great bedroom additions.

Choose a bedside table which is large enough to hold a book and a cup of coffee as well as combing drawers for stashing the items you need close by but don’t want on display.

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