How is Lurline Co Sustainable?

How is Lurline Co Sustainable?

Protecting the environment is important to reduce the severity of climate change, to stop depleting our natural resources, protect biodiversity and keep our beaches clean! We try to limit our footprint on our earth as much as possible. 

Our packaging

All packaging has the environment in mind from our recycled cardboard boxing to our compostable stickers. Our padded mailers are made from recycled plastics and our regular mailers are compostable. Our notes are printed on recycled office paper from Australia. Our tape is made from rice paper which is compostable. Our tissue paper is FSC certified, acid free and uses soy based inks.  

Our products

All Lurline Co candles use biodegradable & vegan soy wax, our wicks use natural fibres and contain no lead or other harmful metals.

Our cushions are made from 100% flax linen which uses less water to produce than cotton and is biodegradable. 


As you can see we consider the environment in our products and packaging as we want to reduce our footprint on the environment to protect the planet for future generations. 



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