Woman wearing natural european flax linen robe holding a coffee cup, patting a dog, watching the sunrise

European Flax Linen Robe | The Ultimate In Luxury and Comfort

Why should you buy a linen robe this summer?

Linen robes are a staple for your summer wardrobe. They are light weight, breathable and comfortable on your skin. As the sun heats up, keep cool and comfortable with a Lurline Co. European flax linen robe.

Luxurious European Flax Linen Robe in white and natural on a bed made with linen sheets


When would I use my linen robe?

Linen robes are great for when you jump out of the shower, lounging around on a Sunday afternoon or even by the pool with a book. Our linen robes are loved by Mums, those who are expecting, those recovering from surgery, or used while doing make up before a night out. Our customers have also used our robes for bridesmaids gifts and wedding mornings.

Are linen robes good for me?

Flax linen is great for your skin. It’s a natural fibre that is hypoallergenic and absorbent, helping to keep you dry.

Is linen more sustainable than cotton?

Flax linen is stronger than cotton so it lasts longer. It is also considered more environmentally friendly than cotton given it uses less water and pesticides to produce and is biodegradable.

What are the features of the lurline co linen robe?

Lurline Co. flax linen robes are made with high quality European flax linen. They have a waist tie, front pockets, with 3/4 arms and 3/4 length. Our robes come in white linen or a natural linen colour for a one size fits all.

Luxurious European Flax Linen Robe in white and natural hanging on a wooden ladder in front of a wood panelling wall


Who is Lurline Co.?

Lurline co. Is a small family business. We design our products to be of high quality and at an attractive price point. Why? Because everything in our store is used by us ourselves! The lurline co. Linen robe is one of our favourites! You can shop it here.

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