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Home Office Design


Home Office 

The advent of Covid 19 sparked the working from home revolution. So how do you set-up an efficient, stylish and inspiring work space?

Not many of us have the luxury of a dedicated room for the home office. A work station can be carved out from previously under-utilised spaces, such as under the stairs, at the top of the landing, in the butler’s pantry, a corner of the bedroom or lounge.

For those with a dedicated office you can close the door on the mess, for the rest of us order and tidiness is essential.


Here is my list for creating your dream work space


  1. The desk should be in harmony with your space in terms of style and size.
  2. A comfortable chair is gold. There are now stylish options with height adjustments and swivel capacity.
  3. Good lighting and ventilation are essential for your wellbeing. Place your desk near a window if possible, and consider window furnishings that allow full light control.
  4. Storage is the key to an ordered, efficient work space. Think about how much storage you need. If you don’t have the luxury of custom-built storage, a simple bookshelf or wall mounted shelving system can work beautifully. I recommend matching all the folders, storage boxes and trays to keep the space harmonious. Label everything.



5.  Ditch the paper trail. Digital storage is space saving and good for the environment.
6. Blue tooth printers can be stored in another room or inside a buffet or cupboard keeping your office streamlined.
7. Decorative elements such as art, photos in beautiful frames, a handsome desk clock, a pot plant and a candle will make the work space more inviting to you and blend the office into the rest of your home style.


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