How to prevent and fix candle tunneling

How to prevent and fix candle tunneling

Candle tunneling can be frustrating and impacts the quality of your candle burn. It is caused by either burning technique or incorrect placement of wicks. 

To prevent tunneling, on your first burn be sure to keep your candle lit until the candle wax is melted right to the edge. Your candle wicks should be evenly placed inside the vessle and ensure you have the appropriate amount of wicks per surface area. If you find you are continuously having tunelling, try adding an additional wick evenly spaced from both the center and other wicks. 

If tunnelling does occur, here are steps to fix it:

1. Light your candle and let it warm up

2. Get some aluminium foil and put a hole in the center

3. Place the foil around the candle to trap the heat

4. Let it burn - the foil should help the burn reach the edges. 

You can see an example of tunneling we have demonstrated with a sample Lurline Co. Candle and the foil technique we used to fix it. 

Lurline Co. Candles are hand poured with love in Sydney, Australia. They use premium soy wax which is vegan and biodegradable. We use natural fibre wicks with no metals and our scents are Australian made, not tested on animals and are 100% concentrated. 



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