How to re-use your candle vessel

How to re-use your candle vessel

We care for the environment and follow the circular economy principles as much as possible for our products and packaging. As such, we encourage our customers to re-use the Lurline Co. candle vessels to help reduce waste but also because they look great and are useful too! 

Once you have fully burnt your candle (being careful to not burn it all the way down for safety), boil the kettle and pour in boiling water into the vessel. 

Leave the vessel overnight. The excess wax should melt and harden at the top. This way it is easy to remove it.

Then you can start to re-use your vessel! Plant our seeded instruction card to grow Tyme or Swan River Daisies or you can re-pot an existing plant!

You can use it as a toothbrush holder, or a pen holder. 

Keep your kitchen utensils organised


Or even store your jewellery



There are so many ways to reuse your candle after you have finished burning it. Send us photos of how you re-use your Lurline Co. Candle! 

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