Lurline Co is inspired by the beach - but what is Coastal Style?

Lurline Co is inspired by the beach - but what is Coastal Style?

Lurline Co sells luxury homewares and decor that allow you to bring a bit of the seaside lifestyle to your home. We feel most happy when we have the sand between our toes or are swimming in the waves - so we wanted to procure pieces that make us feel like we are always by the beach! 

Our style is coastal design... but what does that mean?

Coastal style captures the seaside lifestyle. It typically uses minimalistic modernism with natural fibres and neutral colours with hues of blue and yellow. It captures natural light to create open and airy spaces to give your home a beachy and relaxed feel. Common textures used are linen and jute often with stripes and crisp whites. Think about how you feel when you are at a luxury a beachside resort - this captures the coastal style.

How do we decide on our products? 

We want to make your home feel calm and relaxed. We sell beautiful pieces that embrace the coastal lifestyle like candles, cushions, towels and bed linen. You will always have a bit of the beach at home. All of our products use high quality and sustainable materials. We select only the most environmentally friendly packaging to minimise our impact on the environment. All of our packaging and candle pouring is done from our Sydney location. 

Coastal Styling Examples

Coastal Style Candle - Our sand ceramic candle captures the tones of the beach. It is styled on a light wooden textured platter with sea shells and beads in the background. 

Our blue and white linen cushions are styled on a soft toned couch in front of tropical greenery with coastal scenes in the backdrop. The blue hues of the cushion reflect the colour of the ocean, while the white provides contrast and crispness for relaxed feel. 

Our coastal stripe and blue linen cushion in a fresh white hanging chair with nautical rope detailing. 

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