Outdoor Styling for Happy Summer Vibes

Outdoor Styling for Happy Summer Vibes

Nothing says Summer like sunshine and friends so now is the time to get your outdoor spaces ready for lazy afternoons relaxing.

When styling your outdoor space the same principles apply as for indoor rooms. Picture your favourite holiday resort or outdoor venue. What are the elements that resonate with you? Try to carry the look and feel of your interiors into the outdoors to increase the indoor-outdoor connection. This can be achieved by repeating the style, materials or colour palette. Your outside rooms should be as inviting as possible so that they beckon to you to get out and enjoy the good times.


1. Arrange your furniture to encourage conversation. Outdoor lounges facing each other and a central coffee table. Add side tables positioned next to chairs so there is always a place to put your drink.


2. Shade is a must. If your outdoor area is not undercover a beautiful umbrella can give shelter and provide a huge dose of holiday vibes.

3.Add in the texture with cushions and throws. Remember that outside you can go bold with colour and pattern. Raffia adds the fun.

 4. Lighting will carry the ambiance into the balmy summer nights. Lanterns with candles (battery operated won’t blow out), festoon lights strung across your space or on a fence, fairy lights around a tress or on a pot plant.

5. Greenery is always beautiful, so be sure to have potted plants in a variety of sizes with gorgeous low maintenance succulents, palms, olive trees or frangipani. Plant star Jasmine to climb a fence so fragrance will catch the breeze.

6. Bar Carts! Who doesn’t love them? Piled high with pretty glassware, the wine cooler and fruit. Beautiful and practical.

7. Music makes the party. Outdoor speakers or even a small portable version will work to get that playlist started.

Everything is now in place for endless summer days and nights.

Cheers to that!


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