Luxurious European flax linen sheets styled with flax linen cushions

The Great Linen Bedding Debate

Full disclosure I have been a committed fan of pure linen bedding for many years now. Linen bedding is an investment, so if you have been wondering is its worth the cost, here are seven reasons why you should give them a try.


  1. Both linen and cotton are natural fibres however, linen which is sourced from the flax plant, is a stronger fibre that will make your linen sheets more durable than the cotton alternative.
  1. Linen sheets are hypoallergenic so are a great match for anyone with sensitive skin.
  1. I love my linen bedding as it is cooler during those hot summer nights and warmer in winter due to its natural thermo-regulation.
  1. Linen has the ability to absorb twenty per cent of its weight in water so linen sheets have moisture wicking power. In practice this means no more sweaty nights.
  1. Linen bedding is anti-static and anti-bacterial so make for a healthier sleep.
  1. Linen has more texture than the polished feel of cotton, however, its fibres soften with use.
  1. Linen gives a relaxed luxurious vibe to your bedroom. Embrace the soft, wrinkles and casual elegance of linen bedding. After all life is too short to spend time ironing your duvet.


It’s true I’m totally addicted to my linen bedding. Sleeping in linen is simply a beautiful way to live. Shop our gorgeous range of 100% European flax linen bed sheets and bundles


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