Lurline Co Top Tips for Styling your Coffee Table

Lurline Co Top Tips for Styling your Coffee Table

The Lurline Co team have put together our top tips for the perfect coffee table styling!

1. Aim for contrasting textures rough and smooth, shiny and matt. This includes the table surface as it will make up the largest element.

2. Grouping of odd numbers of objects always looks the most pleasing to the eye

3. Varying heights is important to add interest and balance. Start with the position of the tallest object then something at an intermediate height and finally a low object.

4. A splash of metallic adds bling and a hit of colour can tie your display in with the over-all colour palate of the room.

5. A tray gives cohesion for groups of small objects or can be a stylish way to sort media remotes.

6. A book acts as a mini-stage for smaller object placed on top. The height can be changed by adding or subtracting the number of books.

7. A touch of greenery adds both colour and freshness. This can be a vase of flowers or a pot plant.

8. Candles are beautiful to look at and fill the room with a delicious fragrance, however, on a coffee table please ensure that they are out of reach from small children or pets. Our Lurline Co champagne and strawberries candle is featured in the photos here. 

8. Be mindful not to restrict viewing of the television from the lounge.

9. Have fun and switch up your display as often as you like.


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